1739 East 29th Avenue

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1739 East 29th Avenue
Denver, CO, 80205
United States
39° 45' 30.258" N, 104° 57' 58.158" W
1739 East 29th Avenue

Schulz-Neef house in Whittier neighborhood. Former home to Max Neef and family for three generations. Max and his brother, Fredrick, were founders and owners of Neef Brothers Brewery, one of the largest breweries in Colorado in its day. Also former home of Reynelda Mews, first African American news anchor and first woman news anchor in the state. Her husband, Daniel Mews, was City attorney for City and County of Denver for many years. In addition, the Nonakas, a Japanese refugee family from Camp Amache owned the home for two generations after WWII.



Great house! Lots of history. But isn't the name Muse?

Patricia Dubrava