Yeager Family

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Yeager Family

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Title: Yeager Family

Date: 1996

Summary: Photograph of the Yeager siblings.

Street Address: 940 Fillmore Street

Zip Code: 80206

Format-Medium: Photograph

Donor: Yeager, Debra

Subject: Saint Philomena Church (Denver, Colo.)

Reproduction Available for purchase: No


Sister Mary Lee

Hello Debra,

I remember you from St. Phil's and I am sure we were in the same class. My name is Michael Farinacci and graduated in 1968. I was close to Sister Mary Lee our 7th grade teacher and was thinking about trying to find out if I could get in touch with her. I was Googleing about St. Phil's last week and unfortuntely found out about the reunion on Sept. 19th, missing it by 4 days, but discovered the "Community" about St. Phil's through the Denver Public Library. I saw your photos posted there and thought I would drop you an email to see how the reunion was (I am assuming that you attended) and see what's up with you since St. Phil's. Also, if you knew anything about Sister Mary Lee, if she might have been there, what teachers were there and things like that. Like I said I am hoping to contact her. I have also contacted Sister Joan at the Loretto Spirituality Center who is looking into where Sister Mary Lee might be located. I am also interested in Sister Julia too. Both were instumental in turning my life around. It was great to see photos of Msg. Higgins, Fathers Uraban and O'Grady (I was an alter boy and served Mass with all 3). I am sorry to see the chruch is gone. I drive by the school when in the area. I now live in Greeley.

I have always held a fondness for St. Phil's, as I am sure you have since you attended the reunion. I miss those years and have quite a feeling of nostalgia for them. I have some photos to post to the reunion site, but can't get the driver to my scanner loaded, so I will take the photos somewhere to get scanned. I have a great long graduation photo of our 1968 graduating class in the basement that I have to dig out, but its in great shape and I am sure people will love it.

Write back and let me know what's going on with your experience at the reunion.

Best Regards,