Assessor Records


1. ZOOM: in and click around the map of Denver’s statistical neighborhoods below
2. CLICK: once you have located your addresson the neighborhoods map, click the link to that neighborhood on the right
3. DISCOVER: each little red pin on the maps listed to the right will link to an Asessor Record, full of valuable information

The Assessor Records are a 27 volume collection that provides an index to City of Denver Grantor/Grantee information and can give you a chain of ownership of Denver property. There is generally no indication of whether or not there is a structure on the property. The Assessor Volumes cover the time period from the late 1800’s to the 1950’s. Earlier records are on microfilm and more recent records are on cards arranged by Parcel Number. Both of these collections may be found in the Western History/Genealogy Department on the 5th Level of the Central Library.

In order to search the Assessor Records, you will need the Legal Description of the property:

  • Subdivision or addition name
  • Block and lot numbers of the specific property

These can be found on title deeds or tax records. You can also obtain this information online through the Denver Assessor’s Office.


The records for each block are arranged by lot number (the Description column). New pages were added on top of older ones so the earliest transactions are found on the last page. By following the chain of Grantor/Grantee numbers you will be able to follow the ownership of your property.

Contact the Western History/Genealogy Department for help in interpreting these records or for more information on tracing the history of a Denver building.