Story in Archaeology Beneath the History Colorado Center

Share Your Story about 1200 Broadway!

  • Do you remember this neighborhood block before there was a History Museum?

  • Should archaeological investigations be done when possible before new construction takes place?

  • The automobile industry changed and forever altered this neighborhood.

A Glimpse of Urban Life Through Historical Archaeology

Archaeological Study Reveals the Uwritten History

Archaeological sites represent the physical remains of past human behavior at a single location dating to one or more periods of use. History Colorado contracted with RMC Consultants, Inc., an environmental and archaeological cultural resource consulting firm to conduct the field investigations at the site of the new History Colorado Center with the aim of enhancing our understanding of daily life in Denver.  Read more »

From Homes to Row Houses to the Automobile Industry - The History of 1200 Broadway

A Neighborhood to a Museum 

The street block of 12th and Broadway started out as a quiet residential neighborhood.  Read more »

High-tech Archaeological Tool Gives Us an Idea of What Lies in the Ground

The Archaeologist's Superhero Tool - Ground Penetrating Radar (GRP)

X-ray vision? - Not exactly but using GPR helps archaeologists know where to precisely excavate.

Good Historical Archaeological Inquiry Starts with Good Archival Research

Solving the History Mystery!

How do we begin to understand the history of 1200 block of Broadway?

There are several ways to begin our search. Historical data can be found in a number of sources including maps, household indexes and historic photographs. These items give us great clues and can aid us in knowing what may lie below the ground for archaeological inquiry.


What the maps show us:  Read more »