All in Denver's Gardens & Urban Farms

8th Avenue and Emerson Street

The community garden at 8th Avenue and Emerson Street in Denver's Capitol Hill was started in 1977, on a large piece of prime real estate that covered two large house lots. Our water came from the fire hydrant that Denver Water let us use on a flat rate [!]. While we were worrying about whether they were going to install a meter [they kept threatening for years], Mr. Goldman died [he was 93 or something] and his heirs decided to sell the property, and that was the end of the garden.  Read more »

Emerson Community Garden in 2004

My garden was mostly flowers, for cutting and for supplying food for our endangered honeybees. Here are a bunch of phlox, beebalm [monarda], dahlias, and zinnias. I had a tiny patch of lawn for two-person picnics.