All in Vintage Announcements and Thank You Cards

In acknowledgment of Your Kindness

This card was sent to my family upon the death of a nephew. He was a young man of about 25 and left a young wife of the same age and a 2 year old son. His wife never remarried and is now battling cancer.

It's A Glamour Girl

This is one of my favorite announcements. It was sent to my family in 1962 announcing the birth of a distant family member. Inside it reads "A glamour girl Has come to stay With the proudest of parents In the U.S.A."

We Have a Baby Girl!

Born in 1962 in Oklahoma this little girl is a distant relative.

We Have New Baby

Here is a simple announcement of a distant cousin born in Oklahoma in 1967. Inside it reads: "Just have to share the happy news That has us so excited And let you know the reason Why we both are so delighted"

The Fast that I was Coming...

This is one of the announcements my grandmother's youngest sister sent to her on the birth of her daughter in New York in 1964. Inside is a cute poem with a picture of baby girl crawling in a cameo. It reads "If I'd wear Pink or Blue!...P.S. I wear pink".

Ahoy! It's a Boy!

This announcement was sent to my family in 1970 on the birth of yet another nephew of my Grandmothers in Oklahoma. Inside it reads "Of course, there will be sudden squalls And Lots of changes due, But we're sure very proud Of the new member of our crew!".

It's a Boy!

This announcement was sent by my second cousin twice removed in 1964.

He's Here!!!

This announcement was sent by my second cousin twice removed in 1968. Inside it says "He's really wonderful, No trouble or fuss And we're proud and happy He belongs to us!".

Announcing a New Arrival

Inside it reads "It's the cutest baby you ever did see, And we're pleased as we could be." However, this announcement not only announces the birth of a son, but his death two days later in 1960.

Our Baby Is Here!

This was a birth announcement that by Grandparents received when their great-nephew was born in Oklahoma in 1970.