Azar's Big Boy Restaurant at 13th and Broadway Looking Southwest

Azar's Big Boy Restaurant at 13th and Broadway looking southwest. Copyright - History Colorado

Householder Index Map of 1938 for the 12th and Broadway Block

Reconstructed 1938 map showing the residences and business located in the 12th and Broadway area. Information for this map came the 1938 Denver Householder Directory and the Sanborn Fire Insurance Map.

The History Colorado Center at 12th and Broadway

Photo Copyright: History Colorado 2012

Ground Penetrating Radar Time Slice

Prior to excavation, a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey was conducted over a large portion of the planned construction site. GPR works by sending radar waves into the ground, which then bounce off buried features such as walls and foundations. The results of the GPR survey suggested a number of possibly intact building foundations in the southeastern corner of the property. This helped the archaeologists focus their efforts on the portions of the site with buried features, thus making more efficient use of their time and providing valuable archaeological information.  Read more »

Y-walls of the Row Houses

An interesting "Y-wall" excavated at the rear of the row houses.

Photo Credit: History Colorado

Intact Utility Pipes

Archaeological excavations uncovered a number of intact utility pipes located on the north side of the row house.

Photo Credit: History Colorado

Intact Cellar From Row House

The excavation and "grid-ding" of excavation units in a nearly intact cellar on the west end of the row homes. Archival data suggests the debris came from the residence of Mildred T. Yale, a widow who lived at the site for nearly its entire period of occupation.

Photo Credit: History Colorado

Masonry tank found north of the Duplex

A masonry tank that most likely served as a cesspit.

Photo: RMC Consultants, Inc.

Artifacts From the Archaeology Excavation of the History Colorado Site: Fine China Fragment

Some of the domestic artifacts uncovered included this fine dining ceramic fragment.

Photo Credit: History Colorado